Proasis2® protein structure database and visualisation system – Highlights of What’s New in 2004 Version

17 Jul 2011

DesertSci announces release of Proasis2®, protein structure database and visualisation system, 2004 Version. Highlights of advances include:

  • Database Tables have been extended to include additional crystallographic data and files, sequence data, and project specific data
  • Easier to download and save files locally, including: pdb files, ligand files, crystallographic data files, sequence data
  • Advanced Substructure, Text and Sequence Searching now available
  • New interface for checking for recently submitted structures
  • Alternative structure display interfaces available
  • Even simpler structure submission incorporating blast searches to match projects, internal corporate database look-ups to match ligands, and a customisable parser to handle the Header Section for inhouse pdb files
  • New feature that enables highlighting of ligand contacts along protein sequence
  • Chime window now includes buttons next to the graphics image enabling easier structure analysis
  • Any/all public structure(s) can be easily deposited into the _UNCLASSIFIED project and explored using Proasis2 tools. Any _UNCLASSIFIED structure can be easily classified into a known project from the web interface
  • Improved handling of Xray versus Model structures when submitting structures
  • Improved tools for automatically updating Proasis2 on a regular basis – for both inhouse and public domain structures
  • More curated Public Domain structures and projects deposited

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