Proasis2® protein structure database and visualisation system released

17 Jul 2011

Proasis2®, Desert Scientific Software’s Protein Structure Database and Visualisation System, is released.

Proasis2® is a protein structure database system for drug discovery developed in collaboration with several major pharmaceutical companies. It facilitates the interpretation of protein-ligand binding affinity through visual representations. The system is able to manage in-house and public domain protein structure data resources. Proasis2® enables researches to: closely examine the key structural features of binding sites; easily overlay multiple complexes for comparing and contrasting ligand binding modes; explore a wide range of non-bonded interactions in binding sites using new methods. Proasis2® makes the most valuable and frequently used molecular modelling tasks as routine as searching the internet. The software runs on various platforms including Silicon Graphics, Linux, and Windows.

For more information on Proasis2®, please visit the Proasis2 product page here.

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