Proasis4 continues to impress and improve

31 Aug 2017

Proasis4 is being enthusiastically embraced by our user community  Рthank you for all the overwhelmingly positive feedback! By listening to our users and focussing on our ongoing quest for further improvement, we have developed significant extensions in the capabilities of Proasis4.  These include:

  • additional visualisation options such as density viewing at the click of a button, and full pdb files with color-coded chains
  • a wider range of download options, from structure factor files to sets of pdbs
  • ligand based protein structure overlays
  • additional global options such as fine control of different grouping schemes for ViewContacts interaction types and line thickness for non-covalent close-contacts
  • new compact grid mode for displaying more hits per page
  • additional data export options
  • more short-cuts to advanced database queries
  • ability to define hyperlinks that direct you from other applications straight to structure visualisation in Proasis4


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