Version Release: FELIX Binding Site Similarity Software

DesertSci is excited to announce the release of Felix for Proasis4.  FELIX allows for comprehensive searching of non-covalent interactions and binding site similarity.  By building FELIX into Proasis4 means all its powerful functionality is available  across all structures, both inhouse and public domain within the database system.
The new FELIX UI has:
  1. improved work-flows for setting up searches
  2. extended functionality for the fine-tuning of queries
  3. improved algorithms for a faster overlay of hits.
Further, the new FELIX tools allow for the creation of histograms of protein-ligand interaction distances, showing how the contact distances in a query structure compare with all other similar atom pair distances in the database.
FELIX binding site similarity searching is now within Proasis4, providing insight into potential off-targets for any development candidates.
DesertSci offers access to all api resources required to run FELIX remotely, enabling the development of sophisticated scripts and customised processes.
The latest release of FELIX provides researchers with new opportunities to more easily discover new chemical moieties able to bind to a protein via similar arrangements of close contacts with neighbouring binding site residues.
For more information or to organise an online demo of the software please contact us.