Another Top Tier Pharmaceutical Company Licenses Proasis2 rotein structure databse and visualisation system

17 Jul 2011

Another of the world’ s leading pharmaceutical companies has licensed Desert Scientific Software’s cutting edge software Proasis2®, an enterprise-wide protein structure database and visualisation system to complement their global research technology.

This completes another successful year for the Australian based Desert Scientific Software, with two new major licensing deals and four collaborative ventures involving Proasis2.

To date, five of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies license Proasis2®, the industry’s best protein structure database and visualization system. In addition to licensing the software, close collaborations ensures Proasis2® meets the needs of its user community, at the cutting edge of drug research.

Proasis2® is a web-based protein structure and visualization tool designed specifically for medicinal chemistry research. In one complete system it combines a superior relational database for storing, retrieving, and searching protein structures important to medicinal chemistry projects with the most intuitive desktop visualization systems for exploring those structures. Proasis2® provides more scientists with better quality data and tools needed to make the right decisions in drug discovery projects.

For more information on Proasis2® or DesertSci’s other software products, please see our Products page.

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