Proasis2®, protein structure database and visualisation system – news update

17 Jul 2011

DesertSci announces the creation of Advanced Protein Structure Overlay functionality for Proasis2®, protein structure database and visualisation systems, designed to suit the needs of experienced molecular modelling users.

Key features:

  • overlay multiple structures at the click of a button
  • any subset of database structures can be overlayed
  • overlays can be done based on:
  • – full sequence alignments

    – subsets of individually selected aminoacid residues

    – small molecule similarity

  • runs on both PC desktops and Unix workstations
  • a range of browsers and graphics packages supported
  • focus is on protein binding sites
  • different protein structures easily distinguished in graphics window
  • fine-control over size of the binding site displayed
  • all protein chains can be displayed or just the overlayed ligands
  • results can be downloaded to a local file
  • intuitive display interface
  • fast and reliable

These new Proasis2® components will be showcased at the upcoming Molecular Modelling meeting, Bioactive Discovery in the New Millenium, in Victoria, Australia, February 2003.

For more information on Proasis2®, click here.

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