Proasis2protein structure database and visualisation system Version 2008 Released

17 Jul 2011

Desert Scientific Software announces the release of the 2008 version of Proasis2® protein structure database and visualisation system. The 2008 version includes numerous new features and enhancements, including:

  • The easy overlay of all structures in a project, which can be downloaded as tarball
  • More powerful scripting for PyMol based visualisations
  • Improved search and display performance
  • New links to the public domain repository, RCSB
  • Enhanced methods for the automated curation and loading of public domain structures from the RCSB
  • More robust sequence alignment methods used for overlays
  • Extended parsing of pdb files and writing of curated pdb files
  • Support of more chemical drawing packages, for entering structure-based search queries
  • Extended functionality for the highlighting of contacts along a protein sequence
  • More refined definitions for the Metalloproteinases protein class

 Proasis2® is the industry’s leading protein structure database and visualisation system. Its user community includes more than half of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Through user-driven improvements, Proasis2® continues to be a key tool for structural biology and drug discovery research.

For more information on Proasis2® or DesertSci’s other products and services please go to our website or contact us on

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