Infocom announced as DesertSci’s Exclusive Japanese Distributor

26 Apr 2012

Desert Scientific Software (Sydney, Australia) is pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive distributor ageement with Infocom Corporation (Tokyo,
Japan) to sell our entire range of drug discovery software in the Japanese market.

The agreement, gives Infocom the exclusive right to market and sell all Desert Scientific Software proprietary chemoinformatics and modelling software in the Japanese market. DesertSci’s products are well established among the top tier pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the US. This distribution agreement provides an exciting opportunity for Desert Scientific Software to expand into a very important market and will help build long term relationships within the premier pharmaceutical industry in our Asian region.

Desert Scientific Software’s flagship product, Proasis3® is a protein structure database and visualisation system. It provides a fast, comprehensive tool for chemists undertaking drug discovery by hiding routine yet complex computational methods behind an easy- to-use web interface. This is particularly relevant for the medium sized pharmaceutical firms typical in the Japanese market. By using Proasis3®, the productivity of the scientific workforce is increased and the time of expert computational chemists is expanded to focus on the more advanced problems faced within the drug discovery projects. 

Desertsci’s Scorpion software is a ground-breaking new method to rationalize tight binding in protein-ligand complexes. Based on the concept of cooperative networks, Scorpion offers exciting new insights into important molecular recognition phenomena and their impact on drug discovery.  Furthermore, our latest product Viper, a fragment based ligand design tool created using the cutting edge Scorpion methodology, allows innovative companies to unlock new insights into drug design in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry.

Infocom Corporation was established in February 1983. Infocom carries out wide-ranging business development centered on the areas of medical services, and drug discovery support and drug information. In the field of biosciences, Infocom aims to further strengthen their business foundation, including expanding solutions in the fields of proteomes and molecular design.

Infocom Corporation contact details for Desert Scientific Software’s products:  Email: URL:   Tel:+ 03-6866-3860   Fax: +03-6866-3055

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