Neil Taylor authors a review of small world network strategies and binding

03 Mar 2013
A review written by DesertSci’s Neil Taylor, on the small world network strategies for studying protein structures and binding has been published in the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.
Small world network concepts provide many new opportunities to investigate the complex three dimensional structures of protein molecules. The mini-review explores the published literature on using small-world network approaches to study protein structure, with emphasis on the different combinations of descriptors that have been tested; on studies involving ligand binding in protein-ligand complexes; and on protein-protein complexes.  The aim of the review is to show the different ways that small world network concepts have been used for building new computational models for studying protein structure and function, and for extending and improving existing modelling approaches.

The small world network approach to protein-ligand binding underpins DesertSci’s Scorpion and Viper technologies and is an important area of research for both DesertSci and its industry partners.

A full transcript can be found at 

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