Changes at the PDB – what do they mean for Proasis users?

07 Aug 2014

The coming changes to the PDB file format is currently a big topic of conversation (for more details about the upcoming changes, please see ). 

Proasis3 users can continue to use their preferred tools before, during, and after the transition to the new file formats.


  • Proasis3 will continue to support legacy .pdb file formats.
  • Proasis3 will be ready to support PDBx / mmCIF file formats in 2014
Both legacy .pdb and newer .cif formats will continue to be supported into the future. 
Proasis3 end-users can be reassured that the changes at the PDB will have minimal impact on their ability to continue their medicines research.  Any transition to the new file format will be seamless.
Please contact DesertSci, if you have any questions or would like more information.

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