Modelling Review Confirms Effectiveness of DesertSci Methods and Tools

28 Jun 2016

A recently published review A Real-World Perspective on Molecular Design’ in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, highlights the important contribution DesertSci software has made to medicinal chemistry research arena.  The evidence based approach used by DesertSci has produced some of the most effective tools in protein-ligand drug discovery:

The article, highlights the major contributions by the molecular modeling group of a major pharmaceutical company (Roche, Basel) to medicinal chemistry projects from the past ten yrs.  Specifically, what has worked and what has not. It examines which tools and methods have really contributed to active medchem projects in a prospective manner.  DesertSci’s software, our protein structure database and visualization suite – Proasis, ViewContacts, WaterRank, Scorpion, ProFusion – have been key tools in their successes.

The article describes 10 case studies and DesertSci tools are mentioned as contributing in more than half of these projects. PDE10A is one of the clearest examples of the importance of DesertSci’s software, as Proasis and Scorpion are explicitly named as providing important new insights for the active project.

This paper clearly illustrates that DesertSci’s focus on evidence based software development has been the right focus and that we provide innovative methods and tools that have real impacts on active projects.

For more information please see:

A Real-World Perspective on Molecular Design
Kuhn et al
J. Med. Chem., Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.5b01875
Publication Date (Web): February 15, 2016

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