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24 Mar 2017

We all know that with HTS, protein structure data is exploding and without the right tools it can be overwhelming. When tamed, your data can hold the key to great insights for your drug discovery projects.  We were first with our data focussed Proasis: Protein Database and Visualisation System and since the year 2000 we haven’t stopped improving and extending it to be the protein structure database of choice for many of the top and emerging pharma companies around the globe.

In the biggest update ever, DesertSci’s design and development team have created Proasis4, including many exciting features:

  • an amazing new interface designed by our UX specialist, with built-in graphics
  • the ability to upload local files (for example from virtual screening and docking experiments) and then have automated overlay onto any database structure
  • powerful new searching/retrieval/filtering/sorting functionality
  • the ability to compare and contrast computed properties from different MedChem projects, making it ideal for fast retrospective data analysis
  • the easy navigation of database contents and search hit lists, according to MedChem protein family hierarchies
  • enhanced report generation
  • additional download capabilities
  • the ability to save session(s), share sessions and export sessions to other molecular graphics and visualisation packages

The new look Proasis4 is designed to get the most out of your data – where other database solutions have been designed around the use of their developers’ computational methods, Proasis continues to focus on the data.

Proasis4 automatically curates, manages and organises both inhouse and public domain data and links with built in methods and graphics to help you get real insights into your drug discovery data.

For more information or to organise your obligation free evaluation of Proasis4, please contact us at

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