Proasis4: Latest Enhancements

12 Jun 2019

The continuous improvement of Proasis4 remains an important focus of our development team.


We are pleased to announce the latest additional functionality:


  • Viper, our powerful ligand design tool, can now be run directly from Proasis4
  • Strengthened export links between Proasis4 and PyMol, MOE
  • Expanded structure handling to support structures  from PANDDA analyses and those with 99999+ atoms
  • Improved visualisation of protein-ligand covalent bonds
  • Extended searching capability:  search queries are able to target CryoEM structure types and search using text field.  There is more advanced UniProt ID searching for all structures
  • New high quality CDR classification and annotation
  • Extended session load functionality including additional computed properties such as water clusters and sidechain flexibility
  • Better reporting comprising new report types, extended report types and expanded exported spreadsheet reporting

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