Introducing our Modelling Sub-System for Proasis4

27 Aug 2020

DesertSci is excited to announce the development of a new Proasis modelling sub-system.

The sub-system allows results created by modellers to be uploaded and published alongside experimental protein structures.

Proasis, the industry standard for protein structure database and visualisation systems, provides researchers with a wide range of tools for analysing protein structure data for medicines research. As our tools for structure based ligand design have become more powerful, the need to more widely share results from design experiments has become critical.

DesertSci’s new modelling sub-system extends the scope of Proasis by permittng the warehousing and publishing of larger numbers of:

  • docked ligands;
  • hits from virtual screening; and
  • designs from fragment scans.

New api resources have been created to allow modelling results to be conveniently published remotely and/or uploaded from automated scripts.

Our Proasis modelling sub-system provides powerful down-stream data integration by enabling a wider range of modelling results to be deposited, searched, retrieved, and explored alongside the originating experimental protein structure data.

For more information or to organise an online demonstration of the software please contact us.

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