Discovery support of new biologics : 3D antibody structure clustering

17 Nov 2020

New tools for the identification, classification, annotation and exploration of biologics entities have been added to the Proasis suite.

These include automated methods for the comprehensive annotation of all immunoglobulin and antibody domains from any protein structure data file, providing valuable data resources for a wide range of 2D and 3D bioinformatics based drug discovery research.

DesertSci is also pleased to advise we have developed new tools for the hierarchical clustering of antibody binding fragments.  Many different sets of clusters can be extracted, based on different values of the structure similarity coefficient, with cluster members being labelled as centroids, members, or singletons

A new FAB overlay method has been added to the default list of overlay options within Proasis4, enabling the fast and robust alignment and 3D overlay of antibody heavy chains and antibody light chains.

For more information or to organise an online demonstration of the software please contact us


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