Biologics: ProasisAb

22 Sep 2023

ProasisAb is a pop-up version of Proasis – a separate instance of the Proasis system specifically designed for protein structure data that includes one or more Biologics domains.

Biologics is an increasingly important area of research for drug discovery, due to the lack of off-target toxicity, which essentially eliminates one of the principal causes of failures in small-molecule drug development. Biologics
now account for the fastest-growing segment of prescription drug spending.

The public domain repository of 3D experimental protein structure data includes a large number of antibody  structures, as do inhouse repositories within drug discovery research organisations, and the number of these structures is growing rapidly.  In response to this increasingly important area of modern drug discovery, we have developed an enterprise protein structure database system designed for Structure Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) that effectively and efficiently handles assemblies involving antibodies.

Specifically, ProasisAb:

  • automatically identifies, classifies, and curates biologics domains according to type (FAB, T Cell Receptor, Nanobody, etc)
  • has fully automated visualisation, overlaying, non-covalent interaction analysis at protein-protein interfaces, map viewing
  • includes fine-grained cluster analysis data, enabling easy comparison of all Biologics domains

Proasis Ab is a full scale enterprise ‘pop-up’ version of Proasis.  It contains all the functionality of Proasis4 including our industry leading proprietary methods.  It can:

  • show all interactions at each protein-protein interface with in built biologics capable ViewContacts software and
  • show hotspots at protein-protein interfaces with in built biologics capable Scorpion software.

For more information, or to organise a demonstration of ProasisAb, please contact us.

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