Proasis2® protein structure database and visualisation system – Highlights of What’s New in 2004 Version, Second Edition

17 Jul 2011

DesertSci announces release of Proasis2®, protein structure database and visualisation system, 2004 Version, Second Edition. Highlights of advances include:

  • New top level web interfaces have been created encapsulating the newest functionality
  • Proasis2 has been enhanced to include hierarchical views of Protein-Classes/Projects. Multiple hierarchical classification schemes can be defined
  • Database Tables have been extended to (1) include an additional crystallographic data field, in order to easily represent the quality of a structure, and (2) store a new crystallographic file type, for scaling log files
  • Structure, Substructure, Text, Sequence and Recent Updates searching has been enhanced:
  • – Structure ID lookup and simple text query available from Proasis2 Home Page
    – Batches of hits can be retrieved
    – Hits can be displayed with a user-defined number of structures per page
    – Hits can be displayed either with or without ligand depictions
    – Additional hit list sorting options are available
    – The number of hits from each query is displayed
    – Text searching searches both Header Fields and the Header Section of pdb files, by default
    – Sequence searching of all of Public Domain data is available

  • Public domain structures for almost all known protein-ligand complexes, approaching 4000 structures, have been characterised and deposited into the system

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