Roche signs global License agreement with Desert Scientific Software For Proasis2

17 Jul 2011

DesertSci is pleased to announce the global licensing of their flagship product, Proasis2, protein structure database and visualisation system, by one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, Roche, Basel, Switzerland.

Proasis2 is industry’s best protein structure database and visualization system and will be used across the entire Roche Pharma research organization to enhance the efficiency of their drug discovery programs. This agreement is in addition to the ongoing collaboration between DesertSci and Roche covering the development of advanced tools for molecular property calculations and molecular modelling.

Proasis2 is a web-based tool designed specifically for drug discovery research. The software allows users to make complex, high quality decisions on Discovery projects by using more complete sets of structural information and leveraging advanced scientific tools, behind an easy-to-use interface.

Click here for more information about Proasis2

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