Proasis and Protein-Protein complexes

08 Nov 2017

We are pleased  to announce we have made further extensions to the Proasis system  so that research into protein-protein complexes can be done as efficiently as for protein-ligand complexes.

From structure deposition and annotation through to visualisation and analysis, a wide range of improvements have been implemented so that Structure Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) methodologies can be effectively applied to protein-protein complexes, including target-antibody systems.

We have also facilitated the exploration of protein-protein interfaces in biological assemblies by enabling these to be automatically created and stored for all deposited structures.

Furthermore, our accompanying ViewContacts and Scorpion technologies have been extended to better enable the exploration of protein-protein interfaces, facilitating the discovery of small molecule drug candidates that may disrupt the formation of protein-protein complexes.

The software updates also provide benefits to structure-based small-molecule drug design, facilitating the complete classification of all binding sites in all homo- and hetero- multimeric systems, whether holo or apo.

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