Proasis 2022 released

06 Jun 2022

With the aim of supporting another two decades of successful deployments for the Proasis Protein Structure Database and Visualisation Enterprise System, we are pleased to announce the release of Proasis 2022.

The 2022 Proasis release is fully re-engineered for Python3, encompassing a completely new architecture, and has third party dependencies efficiently managed using Anaconda – ‘The world’s most popular open-source Python distribution platform’.

In addition to a lot of powerful new functionality and a large number of clever feature enhancements, Proasis 2022 includes performance improvements, authentication extensions, API extensions, and additions specific for making best use of new predicted models from AlphaFold2.

Some highlights of the new functionality for the Proasis4 app include:
– extended reporting to include Uniprot alignment comparisons, with succinct mutation annotation, with both detailed and summary formatted reports
– new ‘Structure Details Overviews’ and ‘Deposition Reports’ routinely available
– extended reporting to include KLIFFS ATP binding site vector comparisons, with with four new report types
– easy to use slider enabling residues in AlphaFold2 models with lower confidence scores to be routinely hidden
– enabled both white listing and black listing to be used on the server for filtering hits
– single sign on (SSO) support

The new Proasis architecture also enables DesertSci to distribute additional ‘pop-up’ versions of Proasis. In the first set of releases, pop-up versions of Proasis are routinely available for the first sets of AlphaFold2 Releases (model structures from DesertSci is also on track to provide pop-up Proasis versions encompassing AlphaFold2 model structures from specific protein families relevant to medchem, encompassing antibody experimental x-ray structures, and encompassing modelling results from CADD software.


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