Biologics in Proasis

11 Jun 2023

Proasis system is a strong antibody platform.  Now with the latest updates antibody/Fab projects can be more routinely entered and analysed.

Since 2016, DesertSci has invested heavily in development of handling antibody structures.  The platform has many powerful analysis tools including:

  • automated overlay of antibody chains
  • cluster analysis of Fab chains
  • automated CDR annotation
  • fast CDR search and retrieve methods
  • automated CDR-based overlays
  • automated CDR clustering

In Proasis2023, new Fab projects can be fully created automatically, with separate sub-projects defined for: antigen, Fab heavy chain, Fab light chain. For existing Fab projects, newly deposited assemblies of Fab complexes can be automatically loaded, with all protein chains correctly assigned to the separate sub-projects.

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